Arizona Driving School is a professional driving education business located in Arizona. It was created with the purpose to provide high standards of driving education through our programs. Our instruction will show participants how to be safe, responsible defensive drivers.


Arizona Driving School offers a wide range of services. We are a one stop facility for all driver needs including:

  1. Defensive Driving School (DDS) / Ticket dismissal

     Court diversion and educational program which presents traffic safety topics.
    • It is a voluntary driving course of 4 hours.
    • It is designed for individuals that have received a citation for a minor traffic violations citation and have not had any traffic violations within the last year.
    • If you are eligible for this class, upon completion, the points associated with the traffic violation will be eliminated. 


  1. Traffic Survival School (TSS)

    Ordered by Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) or by a judge at the Court.
    • It is an 8 hour mandatory class.
    • It is designed for persons that received a major traffic violation citation. If you accumulated 8 or more points in your driving record, if you were convicted of passing a red light or if you were driving under the influence of any drug or alcohol.
    • Unfortunately the points on your license will not be eliminated upon completion of the class.


  1. Professional Driver Services:

    a) Written test preparation for the driving permit at MVD

        Classroom Driver Education.
        Understanding traffic laws, rules of the road and general safe driving techniques .
        This class is for individuals that need assistance to pass the Written Test  at Motor Vehicle Division. 


     b)  Road test preparation for the driving license at MVD

                In car training.
               This class is for individuals who already know how to drive and need assistance to pass the Road Test at Motor Vehicle Division. 

      c) Driving Lessons

              Behind the wheel.
              In-car training.
              This class is for individuals that have no experience or little experience driving a vehicle.


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Arizona Driving School will offer bilingual services in English and Spanish.

Some of our certified instructors and staff members speak fluent English and Spanish to accommodate the needs of our diverse cultural community.


Please call us for information including class schedules (602) 273-4949 or visit us in person, we are one of the few schools with a physical office were we can assist you Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 5pm.

Sundays we are open from 9am to 1pm.  


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